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No distance for knowledge anymore!

Today education is a key to success. Study has become fashion, prestige and, of course, urgent need. When is it better to acquire knowledge? Always! You have problems with finding free time? Then, choose online courses. They have already been very popular all over the world. All you need for this is a computer and Internet access!

DAHI Training Center would like to offer you the most updated interactive and multimedia solutions for online training. We bring to your consideration a variety of programs and training courses designed in WEBINAR format.
The term “webinar” has been derived from a combination of two English words: web + seminar (they hardly need to be translated to any language). Webinar is a learning process hold by web technologies.
Unlike webcast (web + broadcast), webinar represents interactive technologies. Users not only listen to the lecturer, but can also watch him and put either written or oral questions directly online, as if they were physically present in the classroom, where the lesson is taking place. The trainer can see all students, too, and is able to address each student separately or all of them at a time.

Online training is one of the most beneficial ways of learning. With DAHI you choose an individual training type, convenient schedule and, against all this, you pay less!

For companies, this is the best way to improve qualification of the personnel and to raise business efficiency. Your employees do not need to go anywhere losing their labor time. Training is carried out based on an individual schedule and may be provided during office breaks, after office hours or on days-off, thus enabling the companies not to put their employees off the main duties.

Live communication with teachers, including native speakers, makes the core of our training.

Benefits of online education:

  • No sticking to a certain place of study: get trained in the office, at home, en-route – wherever it’s convenient for you;
  • Good timing for you: early in the morning, late in the afternoon, during lunch breaks, on week-ends – in order not to put you off your main job;
  • No need to lose time on the road;
  • Maximum psychological comfort;
  • Individual approach with consideration of your goals.

Due to our system of control and knowledge testing, you may be aware of the level of your language competency at any stage of study, and, therefore, can without fear or favor estimate the efficiency of the training process, as a whole.  As to your teacher, he shall timely and duly schedule and optimize the further process of study.



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